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One-of-a-Kind Handcarved Pumpkin Pendant

One-of-a-Kind Handcarved Pumpkin Pendant

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Nature's artistry in the palm of your hand! Crafted from avocado seeds, each pendant is a unique, sustainable piece, showcasing the captivating textures and patterns of the seed. These eco-friendly accessories come with a simple waxed cotton string or a faux suede strap, adding a rustic touch to your style. Embrace nature's beauty with these hand-carved pumpkins, a beautiful symbol of sustainability and individuality.

Half avocado seed, hand-carved
Brown, black 2mm waxed cotton cord or green faux suede strap with adjustable macrame closure

Shape and Dimensions:
Approximately 3cm x 3cm
Due to each seed's size and surface, each pumpkin is unique! Some are smaller, some are larger, and some of them may not be as perfect... But then again, neither are the ones we harvest from the fields!


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